Finding romance doesn't have to be complicated.
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"If you wish someone else would do all the hard work for you, Tawkify may be your ideal dating companion."
"Tawkify has matched people with some impressive status, like the lingerie designer and burlesque connoisseur Dita Von Teese (the ex-wife of Marilyn Manson)."
"You step into a service like nothing you've ever peeped at. And service is the right word — never, on any other dating site, will you ever feel more catered to."
A Personal Concierge to your Dating Life
Your Personal Matchmaker
Because romance is the last thing you should have to do alone. Our expert matchmakers take care of it all.
Saves You Time
It's so time-consuming filtering and messaging hundreds of tedious profiles. Let us do the work for you!
Meet Quality Matches
Meet quality individuals like yourself. Every match is made and approved by human beings - not algorithms.
We've turbo-charged good old-fashioned matchmaking with state-of-the-art technology to make it more accessible and affordable.
How It Works.
Create a Simple Private Profile
Start your private profile and upload a photo. Then choose your preferred approach to matching.
Tell Us What Makes You Tick
All new members and clients are personally screened. We'll develop your profile by mining the depths of your romantic wish list every time we "tawk."
We Carefully Select Your Matches
No heartless number exchanges, crusty coffee dates or awkward group lunches here, people! All matches meet via our famously creative, concierge date experiences designed to energize your dating life.

Then, we'll learn exactly what you and your date thought of each other, because feedback—skillfully dissected and tactfully shared—helps us hone in on crucial compatibility factors.

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Who wouldn't want a professional, personal matchmaker to plumb the depths of their dating psyche and determine their most promising potential partners? An exclusive team of Love Hunters scouring the globe in search of quality, eligible candidates handpicked just for you? If only you could afford it, right? Now you can.
We don't just "match" you. We introduce you on creative, curated date experiences designed to banish the butterflies and encourage connection. From urban scavenger hunts to progressive cheese-tasting adventures, our date concierges orchestrate initial meeting experiences as unforgettable as the potential matches you'll meet.
How can you trust anything anyone says on a dating site? You can't. But you can trust our matchmaking teams to personally screen and handpick all of your matches before you meet them. At Tawkify, every match is made and approved by human beings—not algorithms—after screening to access accuracy and dash deal breakers.
Exhausted by Emails and Sick of Swiping? We know both your time and your trust are sacred. That's why our "Perfect Marriage of wicked-smart technology wielded by uncommonly clever humans enables us to find, screen and weed through all of your first dates, so you don't have to.
Everyone's heard the horror stories: the boss who saw your friend's profile on Match; the cousin who's son's soccer coach saw her photo on Tinder and now won't leave her alone. Awkward. At Tawkify, your privacy is paramount, so your profile and photos will always and forever be "for our eyes only."
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Let Tawkify put fun and romance back where they belong... smack in the middle of your dating life!
Love Stories.
Because this is what it's all about. Read what our clients have to say about us and their experiences.
"My matchmaker has set up outstanding dates. The locations have been interesting and the people were good matches. She checks in frequently and provided excellent follow-up."
"I've been dating my match for several months. Having a matchmaker is like having a friend working between you. It's like being setup by a mutual friend and you tend to trust having friends set you up."
"I didn't have to do a thing, but show up! My matchmaker's commitment to her clients is seen through her actions of following up and always going the extra mile."
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Matchmakers have the ability to develop an insightful sense of what makes their clients tick romantically in a more nuanced way than they—or their best-intentioned of friends—can do. Selected for a host of uniquely applicable skills and characteristics, our matchmakers come from diverse professional backgrounds.
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Our Press.
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