Tawkify was created by E. Jean and Kenneth to get Kenneth a girlfriend. It worked.
Meet the Co-Founders

E. Jean Carroll writes the Ask E. Jean (link) column in Elle magazine. Incredibly it's the longest, currently-running advice column in American publishing. She has six million readers. E. Jean was a writer for Saturday Night Live, a contributing editor to Esquire, Outside, and Playboy. Her TV show on MSNBC was called—what else?—Ask E. Jean. She founded, with her sister, Cande Carroll, the breakthrough dating site, GreatBoyfriends.com (where women recommend their ex-boyfriends to each other) and which has been profiled in The New York Times, Newsweek, Men's Health, etc., and seen on The Today Show, Oprah, CNN, etc.

After two glasses of wine, E. Jean estimates that with her experience, book, Mr. Right, Right Now, coaching site, Dating: E. Jean (link), and YouTube (link) Channel, she has helped more people find enticing mates than any advice columnist in history.

Kenneth Shaw was most recently the principal imagineer at One Kings Lane. He began his career at Microsoft, and moved on to become the bashful firebrand who created My Purity Test, one of the most popular Facebook apps of all time. He also created the Elle magazine Facebook App and Homeslyce.com. He graduated from Stanford in '07—he's a geek, a black belt in Hapkido, and possesses such a sunny disposition he makes a basket of puppies look depressed.

Our Matchmakers are Passionate
Meet the Matchmakers
Julia Armet was born with the art of intuition and a photographic memory. She has the sixth sense for matters of the human heart. A passionate and creative individual, she has a reputation for thinking outside of the box—a perfectionism that serves her (and her clients) well in many realms. One could compare this personalized approach to a Zen master on a quest for ideal balance: She doesn't stop until she gets it right. Opening the line of communication between you and your partner-to-be, she is committed to empowering others and finds ultimate satisfaction in fostering authentic relationships. You write the script, she clarifies the fine print. #JustJuled
Eve Blazo will give you an Affair to Remember. Whether you're Sleepless in Soho or singing "Ain't no Sunshine" down the streets of Cobble Hill, Eve believes your love life should be no less than the rom-com of your dreams. As an Ivy-educated film studies graduate and survivor of fashion's school of hard knocks, Eve thinks of herself as a stylist of the psyche. She approaches matchmaking like a cinematic art. She will ghostwrite you an old school (albeit unorthodox) romance fit for modern times. So with passion, empathy, and imagination in abundance, Eve is on a mission to help your souls mate. She encourages you to be a feeler and to have an open heart--you never know who can make you feel that zsa zsa zsu!
Katherine Cooper is a lifelong learner, writer and lover. She's always been fascinated by matters of the heart. After noticing that she fell in love quite easily with many different pastimes and people she began to think that it might be time to spread the love around. She joined Tawkify in 2013. Katherine is a no-BS New Englander, Brown and New York University alum, a great listener and has enough curiosity to get into some serious trouble every now and then. Most importantly Katherine wants to get to know you--what makes you tick, what you most desire, what makes your heart sing. Specialties: Intellectuals, artists, narcissists.
Cynthia Rouf transforms stressful dating lives into lighthearted, fulfilling escapes that empower you to find stronger matches faster. With brainpower previously used for legal analysis, genetics research, and tech startup business development, this dating whiz is eager to collect your data points so she can test, scale, and optimize your love life. She pushes you to fail fast so you can love hard—and have a ball throughout the process.
Tess L. stumbled upon matchmaking, which ended up being the ultimate culmination of everything she has learned to do in life. From playing nice recess at Chapin to office hours at Cornell to troubleshooting as marketing director and later business strategy consulting, helping others unearth difficult truths and surpass goals as a life coach, this is was what she was trained—born—to do. As your matchmaker, she is your champion—disrupting, encouraging, uncovering, comforting you toward a dream that, until now, seemed completely unattainable. All you have to do is tell the truth, take the truth, dream big and trust her and the process. Good luck!
Alene Boon wants to get you slayed. And she wants to use the internet to do it. As a nerd and a dork, and an occasional geek, Boon didn't get much love at school. It was through her family's Macintosh WGS, and the grace of AIM, that she managed her earliest romantic and sexual interactions. At 19, she started an OkCupid account. Boon was fascinated by the identities she discovered there, and by how different they all seemed IRL. In rapid turns wrenchingly raw and as alienating as a brick wall, this modern love dance enthralls her. Boon now runs her own accounts, a handful of her family and friends' accounts, and a host of accounts she's made for clients. She is in favor of heavy mugs, dirty jokes, face-to-face communication, and honest, useful feedback. She likes to think logically about illogical feelings. Boon is queer-friendly and sex-positive.
Misty Foster wants to help you transcend what dating usually is and give you the cosmic experience it should be. You can be a cosmonaut alone, but exploration is so much better with someone navigating on ground control. With a background in creative arts and tour guiding, Misty has an empathetic nature, a knack for creative strategics and an itch for adventure. She will whisk you away on a personalized, magical experience all the while being a stand for the highest version of "you" she knows you are. She understands that authenticity, a willingness to have it turn out and passion are the keys to any success in life. Misty wants to help you find a love even the stars would bow to.
Angie Lee realized her passion for shooting cupid arrows after founding her own startup, Polkadotties, getting acquired, and shooting for the stars. She finds it fascinating to analyze all the things on a date that might not work to increase the chances of everything going right, just like how an entrepreneur approaches startups in an iterative fashion. She likes designing dates, where the dates simply have to show up, turn on the charm, and exchange doughy eyed looks at one another. Some say like-minded people go together. Some say opposites attract. She believes good souls attract other good souls. Navigating the world of choosing partners and changing partners can be both confusing and thrilling. Think of her as your own personal GPS for love. She helps you follow your heart.
Catherine Rose is all heart and soul. She hails from the Deep South, but has lived overseas and now splits her time between DC and New York. Equal parts activist and feminist debutante, she combines empathy and Southern social grace with a deeply romantic sensibility. She spent several years in the wedding industry and is now dedicated to curating the beginning of your love story. She believes that everyone deserves love and will search tirelessly to help you find it. With a keen eye for the unconventional and a network that spans internationally, Catherine will lobby for love and find your perfect running mate.
Nia Povroznik is a Ukrainian born, American raised adventurous mover and shaker. As a Jill of all trades she gets to know people from all sorts of walks of life. With a love and interest in all aspects of how people fit together she works as a sexuality educator. Through being a sexuality and relationship anthropologist she has a deep understanding of the vast variation in preferences for love, romance, and mates. Nia is great at scoping out that magical fit between two sweethearts.
Evyenia Trembois wants to bring magic, romance, and FUN back into your dating life. Through highly intuitive thought processing and a deep stem of creativity, she seeks to blow your mind by finding you a match that will appeal to you at every single level—and will stop at nothing in order to do so. When it comes to achieving greatness, she believes in stepping both outside of the box and outside of your own comfort zone and will push you to do so throughout the process—but in the most rewarding and exciting ways. Bam. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other.
Alexis Field believes life is too short to be shy... that's her personal mantra that will be sure to change your love life. Alexis was born in Los Angeles, but has lived everywhere including Boca Raton, St. Louis, and even Thailand! In other words, this gal has gotten around (not to mention all the touring she's done as a professional actress) and she's going to bring everything she's picked up along the way to help YOU find that someone special (or at least have a lot of fun in the meantime). Alexis is currently starring in the hit off-Broadway show 50 Shades the Musical, so if it's a little spice you're looking for, she'll be sure to deliver on that as well. Most importantly, Alexis is a people person. She has an intuitive edge to be reckoned with and knows how to get right down to what makes people tick. She's committed to making the world a happier place and she is thrilled to be using Tawkify as a way to do just that! Happy Dating!
Nicole Lockhart is a mastermind of creative mischief. Her approach to dating is about the head as well as the heart, ensuring that clients find a companion with that crucial balance of intellect, emotional fortitude, and physical rightness. In shorter terms? Nicole's romantic hunch is always right. With a last name like Lockhart, matchmaking is a natural fit for this modern day Mona Lisa. Nicole is an old soul with a magnetic smile that will find your match and inspire you through this thing called "dating". She also believes dessert should be eaten everyday.
Christina Han is eager to make you her object of study. She thinks you're fascinating, full stop, simply by virtue of being an individual outside herself. Her mission is to learn you as thoroughly as possible and find your complement. She believes that a happy individual's reality is constructed by and grounded in their relationships with others, and so finds comfort in forging those connections. Why, at opposite ends, wait on false kismet or struggle needlessly to find friendship and love? Finding your match shouldn't feel like an exercise in drudgery, and by the photoshop in her picture she swears to do all in her power to ensure it won't. It's her honor to be your assistant, confidant, and friend.
Carena Liptak believes in finding love and having fun along the way. An Ivy League-educated writer and lifelong music fanatic, she will zero in on what makes you tick--then find somebody who complements your style. Her philosophy is that your quirks are your best assets. Carena will help you embrace your freak flag and seek out somebody who will love it just as much as you do! She's a big fan of dogs, espresso, and any first date that requires a helmet.
Michelle Senteio is an ocean. And she'll rock your boat with her ability to read you so deep you'll want to call her Miss Mariana Trench (but don't...). She wants you to FEEL romance - from love's first sight, a sweet and agonizing bath of hot ice, to love that grows, like roots from your heart to your toes. An Ivy-educated creative writer and filmmaker, Michelle is going to write your romance into the adventurous bard it should be: wrought with uncertainty, kinship, trust, love, and most of all LIFE. She looks forward to finding you that special someone that'll light your soul on fire / that wants to get to know you / of whom you'll never tire. If Michelle were a matchmaker in another universe, she would reign down love in the world of Game of Thrones.
Eva Marie is in love with love. And with interests in athletics, tech, the performing arts and the great outdoors, she is a part of many different communities. Ever since attending a 2006 lecture called "The Importance of Play" at the National Institute for Play, her social and professional goals have involved connecting those around her with opportunities for love, happiness, or just a good time. As your matchmaker, Eva Marie will dig deep to find your truest you -- so she can find your best match.
Ellora Vilkin wants you to feel more. Finely attuned to the hidden forces that shape human desire --- from cosmic influence to personality archetypes --- she aches to understand what moves you, then connect you with someone who makes you quake. Raised amidst evergreens in the Pacific Northwest, educated at Brown University, and based in San Francisco, Ellora encourages her clients to make dating synonymous with taking smart, playful risks. She'll hold your hand and nudge you towards love, drawing on her background as a classically trained soprano and certified yoga instructor to help you stay open and cultivate confidence while always prioritizing self-care. Ellora wants each date to feel positively lush, a vibrant opportunity to delight and surprise yourself with another. Part-cheerleader, part-changemaker, and part-guru, she'll help you set an intention to make dating part of your personal renaissance.
Libby Loveless has a tender soul and quick wit. Despite her last name, she's a hopeless romantic that believes everyone deserves to experience love. As a free spirit who craves real human connection, she wants to find that for you. With her Southern charm and adventurous spirit, she has lived and traveled all over the world. Her longing for love and culture has taken her to people and places she never thought possible. These experiences have given Libby a sensitivity, passion for new life experiences, and the intuitous ability to see to the soul of a person. Libby hopes to get to know the real you and be your champion for love.
Kira Hoffman is a clinical psychologist who specializes in romantic relationships. Kira's expertise is in the psychology behind love and relationships, the emotional dynamics that underlie attraction and partnership, and what makes love last. She creates and leads "Healthy Relationships" lectures and programs, and she wrote her doctoral dissertation on the subject. Kira currently provides individual and couples psychotherapy services in downtown San Francisco. Despite Kira's professional and academic background, she is not your typical "shrink." She firmly believes that authenticity and humor are far more meaningful- and fun!- than a rigid clinical stance when it comes to connecting with clients. Kira's primary goal is providing a supportive and comfortable environment that will allow you to develop confidence, self-awareness, and personal growth in your journey to self-discovery and finding love.
Katlyn Mary loves to see people smile. She is always on the lookout for what our clients need and goes to great lengths to find it. She scours every available source to find the best matches possible, and aims to create real, sustainable connections. She takes the time to listen, intuit, and diligently search to find your ideal mate--someone who gives you butterflies over and over again.
Madeline Grace is Tawkify's very own Jane Eyre: our Governess turned Love Guru wants to help you find love in NYC. Formerly an orphan in a city where she knew no familiar faces, Madeline overcame being the little fish in the big pond--also known as the island of Manhattan. As a Governess for high-profile families, she has had the opportunity to meet and mingle with some of New York City's finest, observing their various views on the nature of love. She has since been on a passionate search to help others find what they are looking for. With a larger than life personality and a heart to match, Madeline wants to help you sort through all of the city's Mr. and Ms.' Wrongs to help you find your one and only Mr. or Ms. Right.
Valerie Presley is a matchmaking conundrum. She paints, writes, and loves fiction novels - but she bagged a degree in business and excelled at statistics and mathematics. Consider her a romantic at heart who's also all-business. Her mantra? Love wisely, people! At Tawkify, we like to say that "love doesn't have to be complicated," and Valerie likes to remind conflicted clients that there's no virtue in tolerating toxic behavior. She's all for romance, fun and heart-skipping passion, but she's also here to help you find a match who doesn't seem hell-bent on making romantic connection harder than it has to be. Valerie likes to guide her clients into that sweet spot at the center of all healthy relationships where patience, honesty and trust exist in perfect balance with laughter, mutual respect and attraction... and a whole bunch of fun.
Kenzie Lane wants to help you find the one, a.k.a. your Netflix/Grub Hub buddy for life. She believes that a true relationship is based on five key elements: trust, honesty, communication, sexual attraction, and attuned senses of humor. Graduating from Johns Hopkins University and beginning a career in public relations, she's a true people person and a natural listener with intuitiveness for relationship compatibility. Trained in active listening skills, there are few things more satisfying to her than talking someone through a tricky situation or comforting her friends through a love life crisis. She has successfully played wingwoman to her friends in college and now hopes to continue matchmaking in the real world. Feminist, LGBTQ-friendly, adventure-positive, and a believer in human contact over algorithms when it comes to finding love, she can't wait to listen to everything you want and need in a relationship - and help make it come true.
Sarah Koppel Smith firmly believes you should have a personal guide through the dating process. Her motto is simple: Finding your partner shouldn't be a hassle! As a social worker by day and matchmaker by night, Sarah is passionate about the psychology of love - and her 3 successful engagements can attest to her commitment. A native New Yorker, Sarah loves to tawk and will dig deep to know everything about you. She seeks to figure out the needs behind your wants... and can't wait to get you out the door on dates!
Sierra Janette is a sorceress in the realm of love. A world traveler with a background in psychology and casting, Sierra has an extensive personal network and a knack for reading people. Her goal is to add a little magic to your life by connecting you with individuals who will appreciate you for the dazzling gem that you are. She enjoys getting to know her clients in all their delightful quirkiness so she can hunt down quality matches with just the right vibe. Dating should be an exciting adventure, and she's determined to help you roll into yours with a confident spirit and an open mind. Not only does she provide great dating advice and honest feedback, but she will also push you to take risks and have fun!
Sharon Pizzola was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a multi-cultural environment. Her spontaneous and confident personality brought her to NYC for the next chapter of her life. Authenticity, communication and open dialogue is her motto. A never ending desire of learning and exploring the unknown has led her on a quest to travel around the world. Having a creative life is something that she wants to share; for years she has been capturing memories in her scrap book. She is cut from the cloth of magnetism, attracting others to seek her advice and positively influencing their decisions. Her curiosity makes her a great observer and listener enabling her to become a people connoisseur. Are you open to discover what treasures are hidden together?
Olivia Balsinger is an avid travel blogger and self-proclaimed wanderluster, and she has fallen in love (many times over) with the world and the people who occupy it. Olivia believes that multiple belly laughs, a dose of sexual attraction, a smidge of quirkiness, and a touch of spontaneity combine to create lasting bonds.... bonds that prove the whole "fairytales are made up" thing wrong. Endearingly nicknamed "Oh-Live-It-Up," this Nutmeg-er turned New Yorker will analyze your likes, dislikes, aspirations, and even your past to set you up on creative and engaging dates.
Liz Carson is the kind of gal who says "yes" to life! Whether it be a concert, skateboarding adventure, or any opportunity to meet new people, this matchmaker is truly a free spirit who thrives on staying active. With a background in music and fashion, and a girl power charged blog, Liz rallies unapologetically for individuality. In her past life (B.N.Y.), Liz was Miss Virginia and a semi finalist at Miss America and used her scholarship winnings to pay off all of her student loans. Currently single and embracing the dating scene herself, let this adventurous ally walk alongside you in the exhilarating world that is dating in New York City.
Grace Hong is a critical thinker, with degrees in both law and sociology, and an astute observer who will engage you in thoughtful matchmaking. She simultaneously loves people and is fascinated by them, giving her the passion to get to the heart of who you are, as well as the insight to connect you with the right fit. At the end of the day, she genuinely and simply loves bringing joy to others through matchmaking. She will do what it takes to ensure your experiences with Tawkify are of the quality and caliber you deserve. Grace is prepared and excited to start the conversation and give you your individualized dating experience!
Majeda Hussein is a romantic realist. She's all about sparks, butterflies and passionate love - but she also believes that you have to be confident and open your mind and your heart to get there. As a seasoned public relations professional who understands the intricacies of communication and emotional connections, Majeda brings a strategic, thoughtful approach to matchmaking. On the flip-side, her literary/creative endeavors and world travels have instilled an adventurous spontaneity that encourages taking chances and following your heart. She's a mix between left and right brain, and she wants to help you strike your balance and experience something magical.
Elizabeth Umbrino grew up in Palisades, NY, just 16 miles from the George Washington Bridge. She's lived in Brooklyn for the past three years but continues to wonder if she's allowed to call herself a "New Yorker." She holds an M.F.A. in Design and Technology from Parsons The New School for Design. Despite being an extremely realistic person, she has seen every romantic comedy that exists. Elizabeth believes that everyone has a match waiting for them.
Alison Ogden loves people. Relationships are her primary motivation in life and connecting people is one of her greatest pleasures. She believes that relationships are a mirror, and through others, we learn more about ourselves. Her personal philosophy is that with more connection comes more vitality, so she aims to make your dating life a playground of possibility to complement your already charmed life. With her background as a life coach, along with her finely tuned intuition, she listens for what you really want, and then, using her particular brand of vivacity and verve, creates experiences you won't soon forget.
Dustin Parmenter is the sort of matchmaker who, before you can even finish your first cocktail, just might already know you better than you know yourself. As a Midwest native and born fiction writer, he has long been rooted in constant exploration of the hearts and minds of anyone within arm's reach. Acutely intuitive and highly empathetic, Dustin is keenly attuned to people's energies and an absolute alchemist when it comes to deep compatibility. When he's not picking your brain, he's probably designing the next Best Date of your life, and whether it's a chance meeting at a gallery opening, waiting on line for coffee, or in the midst of an all-out digital (wo)manhunt, he's always working to set you up with the best sort of people the Big Apple has to offer.
Amaris Kay takes a more analytical approach to matchmaking so that you don't have to. By drawing from her professional experience as a management consultant and personal strengths cultivating, building, and sustaining connections, she has developed a keen eye for finding you the perfect match.
Kristin Klein, Master Investigator at your service! Kristin is a ninja when it comes to finding specifically sought after individuals and developing relationships with them. Researching and understanding the many depths into people are her passions. She gets beyond the surface level quickly and can't wait to put her natural curiosity and impeccable networking skills to work for you. She's also very seasoned in the dating landscape and looks forward to coaching you throughout the process.
Jane Stetz hopes you like to talk because she loves to listen. Her training began on her great-grandmother's couch watching soap operas and reading Danielle Steele novels. As she got older, she learned real life dating and romance were a little different. Since then, she's lived and worked on both coasts, moving back to NYC after choosing the love of her life over a life on the beach. For Jane, every client is a friend. With a mix of love, loyalty, humor and a heavy dose of girl talk, she'll learn what makes you tick and help you find the match that clicks.
Valerie Hsiung believes that the process of finding your soulmate(s) should be wild, atomic, healing, mind-blowing, safe, and explorative, all at once. Crafting an effortless love affair as epic as Heloise and Abelard or Dante and Beatrice is simply a part of her blood. A widely-published poet and writer who grew up in a fly-over city in Ohio, her childhood pastimes included: acting in real-life choose-your-own-adventures in the woods, going on roller-coasters at the amusement park, and renting movies from Blockbuster. Watching and re-watching the classic cellophane stories of Bogie and Bacall, Hepburn and Tracy, and Garbo and Taylor, at such formative years, gave Valerie the intuition for identifying soul-connection and the ability to forecast scenarios. An unrelenting secret agent of love, Valerie is always on the hunt to find your most compatible match!
Amelia Evans is a country music artist from Franklin Creek, MS as well as a U.S. Coast Guard Machinery Technician Veteran. She recorded her first single in 2011, a demo in 2012 and an album in 2013. The album was named No Pony Ride in honor of her horse that was sold to afford recording fees. In 2016, she released another single titled "Hard Headed Mama." Prior to joining the military, she grew up on a farm and aspired to follow in the footsteps of her cousin, Elvis Presley. Amelia is now married, has a son and a daughter on the way, along with three spoiled dogs!
Marianne Abbott wants to make every moment in life more cinematic. She wants life and love to take your breath away. A hopeless romantic and avid cinephile, Marianne spent her childhood in Guatemala City hiding in her room, watching rom-coms. Since leaving Guatemala, she has lived her own affairs to remember in Paris and New York. An adventurer, a storyteller and a true love detective, she will find the Bonnie to your Clyde, the Samantha to your Theodore, the Carol to your Therese.
Lisa Carey is an adventure seeking, laugh hearty, stretch-that-comfort-zone kind of gal. With a no holds barred attitude, Lisa wants to inspire and energize her clients to live life openly to their full potential. She believes opportunities are presented to us on a daily basis, but we have to be present in the moment to receive them. Through her expertise and training as a Professional Life Coach, Lisa has cultivated an uncanny ability to intuitively connect with diverse clients on a deeper level. You can rest easy knowing she is your gal Friday, keeping your best interest at heart. All she asks is that you come ready to play to your fullest.
Lisa Yanni is a lover of life, an artist of love. After leaving her country roots in upstate NY to attend college at MassArt, Lisa adapted to the cosmopolitan world of dating. She's gone on to live in Italy, Boston, and now Brooklyn, networking with many types who spark her attention. Lisa is open hearted, highly intuitive, and empathetic - traits that drove her towards careers that help people: Arts Education, IT Recruiting/Business Development, and Matchmaking. Determined to find the yin to your yang, Lisa blends Zen with persistence to push you outside your comfort zone and achieve success.
Liana Afuni is a result-driven optimist who believes anything can be achieved with patience, persistence, fun...and risk taking! She finds pleasure in meeting people and is fascinated by the unique stories each and every human has to offer. With a passion for understanding human behavior combined with her compassion, nothing thrills her more than to help others find their joy! As a Civil Engineer turned Actor and Matchmaker, Liana is often asked, "What's the common denominator between the three?" Her logical response: "They all build bridges." And what does it take to build a bridge? Why, teamwork, of course...and perhaps a sense of humor! So let's begin this journey together with an open mind and willingness to say "yes!"
Meg McCabe is sunshine in the human form. With a spirit that's always beaming, she has a way of transforming any moment into one of excitement, joy and warmth. As a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist, Meg is trained to peel away your layers and get to the core of your most authentic self. She fell in love with love while studying intensively under two of NYC's top relationship coaches, knowledge which she incorporates into her daily matchmaking. Her recipe for falling in love is a mixture of silliness, intrigue, vulnerability and attraction. If you want a match that nourishes your soul and sparks your heart, Meg will deliver.
Melody Kiersz started asking questions as soon as she learned her first words. Naturally, this insatiable curiosity led her to create her own course of study on "Happiness" at NYU's Gallatin School. Melody became a life coach and traveled the world seeking answers to the most basic question: what makes people tick? Her conclusion: Life is an adventure and the best way to enjoy it is to love, share experiences, and have as much fun as possible along the way! Melody uses her background to boost your confidence and sexiness factor as she gets to know you better than you know yourself. She will work her intuitive magic and creativity to find your match and curate experiences where both of you feel free to be your full authentic selves.
Sabrina Yudelson will be your guide on a quest to find romance, powerful and pure. With her infectious joie de vivre and potpourri of experiences, Sabrina has an insatiable passion for the human condition. She infuses this passion into her work in both matchmaking and public relations. Equal parts optimist and realist, Sabrina is an anthropologist at heart. She can't wait to partner with you for a journey that will embolden and empower you!
Kimberly Chapman is fascinated by the mystery of love, an intrigue that guided her to become a student of the discipline. During a matchmaking apprenticeship, Kimberly investigated the components of long-lasting relationships: what sparks them, what builds them, and what keeps them burning strong. In her studies she has come to the conclusion that there is no exact formula to intimate connection. Each person has one's own path to love and must navigate the dating world in a unique way. Kimberly cherishes authenticity with the motto, "if you believe that you are worth it, anything can happen!"
Kat K knows who your next great date is ... or she will, once she meets you! As an experienced Cupid with 10 years of matchmaking under her belt, she's developed a system and tact at handpicking great dates. Kat will hear what you say, learn what your heart wants, read your eyes and interpret it all. Helping busy people make the most out of every day, date and opportunity, Kat is dedicated to putting the right people in front of you for a memorable experience.
Katie Naymon could listen to you for hours. Trained in active listening skills, Katie believes that vulnerability is key to allowing oneself to fall in love. Her approach to matchmaking is to listen with honesty and empathy, accompanying people on a journey toward a connection--with gentle guidance along the way. While a Midwestern girl at heart, Katie is now based in Boston as a writer and editor.
Gaby Aratow believes everyone is on a cosmic path and that you are a unique, beautiful piece of stardust. On her own voyage, she has gathered two Ivy League degrees and a professional background that ranges from stockbroker to talent manager to interior designer. She is also an international travel junkie, an award-winning writer, and a Project Runway fanatic! Gaby crafts matches to get the cosmic juices flowing. Her dates aim to feel exploratory and soul-satisfying, and her commitment is to lead you in a growth-oriented adventure.
Anita Teresa is a natural-born connector and leads through intuition and presence. She is the founder of the Embodied Femme, a community of visionary women leaders. Driven by a desire to help people befriend their bodies and foster healthy sexuality, she created the ground-breaking Sex & Medicine Summit in 2015. With a desire to deepen your consciousness, she draws from extensive training in mind-body education, transformational coaching, and performance art. Anita will revitalize your love life by improving your understanding of self and guide you into the innate pleasure of connection.
Kathy Ferretti is the ultimate matchmaking ninja ... and she's on a quest to ease the challenges of 21st century dating. With 10+ years dating in Manhattan and the social calendar of a cosmopolitan New Yorker, she has accumulated an arsenal of strategies and advice. Her multi-faceted personality, passion for people, and magnetic presence has lead to a wealth of connections, making her the ideal partner for navigating relationships and all their intricacies. Katherine will not rest until she has empowered you on your journey toward longterm happiness.
Emma Richman believes love is the most significant driving force on this planet. Upon being introduced to Spanish literature as an adolescent, she developed a fascination with timeless romance and multitude of ways in which we communicate love. However, it was through honing a professional background as a recruiter where Emma realized her skill in connecting people could seamlessly be used to match-make. Emma combines her empathetic nature and social sensibility to assist in finding a magnetic spark between humans. If she can make your face light up every time you see each other, her mission is accomplished!
Emily Tepper is a love guide of a completely different sort. She believes that ritualizing your dating life is the easiest, quickest, and most pleasurable gift you can give yourself. Emily is the founder of ReceveEverything — A Journey with the Love Sherpa (no "i" because we revitalize that part!). This online training series gives you a step-by-step road map to ritualizing your entire life and getting what you want most. Emily gently and expertly leads you into living a limitless life where you can experience love — all around you, all the time.
Rebecca Morley (a.k.a. Rebecca L'Amore) is a professional networker. She finds inspiration connecting with new and interesting people in the digital world and real world. Because of her biracial upbringing and extensive childhood travel, she uncovers common ground with diverse personalities. Inquisitive and thoughtful, she desires to learn the nuances of your cultural background. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys music, running, writing, designing websites, practicing yoga, meditating, and modeling.
Sara Tatman is a feisty straight-shooter who has helped singles find love for the better part of a decade. A sociology major in college, Sara has always been fascinated with the inner-workings of people and relationships and what attracts us to each other. After her sixth year working as a matchmaker and being in an engagement with her then boyfriend of seven years, Sara made the hard decision to end that engagement to find her true happiness. In this instance, she was forced to put her professional experience to the real life test, in online dating, to prove that it doesn't have to be a long and challenging road. She has successfully navigated this space and now uses her own experience to further help her clients. Sara believes in the power of meditation, goal setting, and personal development to attain joy. She helps people discover their true self in order to attract the right match through coaching and a little bit of tough love.
Michelle Muller is a taste-tester. After founding two successful food startups, Michelle decided it was high time to turn her magic on matters of the heart. Born and raised in Texas, she brings a Southern sweetness and charm mixed with the no-BS attitude of a decade old New Yorker. Michelle has the determination necessary to guide you through the dating process, making sure you are having a blast on your journey to love. Her motto: approach love and cooking with reckless abandon!
Kimia Mansoor doesn't let situations get weird. An innate insight into what drives and motivates people has earned her the affectionate title of "Wiz," and you'll never find nervous darting eyes or awkward silences in situations she has a hand in. After receiving her bachelor's degree in Psychology from UC Irvine, Kimia travelled north to the Bay Area, where she's now completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. In addition to her schooling, she spends time providing thoughtful and empathetic support to clients in her clinical practice and participating on a local podcast about dating in the city! She dedicates her free time to analyzing, hip-hop dancing in heels, and making connections.
Lindsay E. has been doling out dating advice to friends and colleagues for years, and even spent time ghostwriting a column about sex and relationships for a major men's magazine. She's the kind of girl who people turn to for the honest truth. Lindsay is as real as it gets and takes a no-nonsense approach to matchmaking — but she also believes that the dating process should be fun above all else. Her personal mantra? "Do it for the story." She's confident that you'll walk away from your Tawkify experience with plenty of them ... and a special person to start a new chapter with.
Alisha Giordano will have you at "Aloha." Coming from the world of Hawaiian hospitality, Alisha has learned a thing or two about providing excellent customer service. Additionally, as an Army wife, Alisha has learned to be resourceful in a world that is ever-changing. Having recently moved to Missouri, she devotes her time to her crafts: teaching and matchmaking. Connecting with people is a passion of hers, and she is always there to lend an ear. Dedicated to working with you to find love on this fun filled adventure, Alisha will help you let go of your inhibitions ... and get a little silly along the way!
Avery Driggers is a skeptic, but in the best way. She digs into any situation, asks the tough questions and gets to the root of what you want so that, ultimately, you'll find someone with whom there won't be any doubts. Raised on compassion and cornbread in the Deep South, Avery has a passion (and knack) for curating beautiful experiences and wants to be your ally in finding a meaningful connection — a real, honest to God, won't-look-at-your-phone-because-the-chemistry-is-so-strong connection.
Theresa Serrian is passionate about connecting individuals, from artistic collaborations to setting up life-long romantic partnerships. She is a music fanatic, wine connoisseur, and travel addict. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, she now is a freelancer based in Brooklyn, NY. She has written plays, screenplays, lyrics, poetry, and by night can be found seeing DJs spin or bands perform whenever she can. She understands and empathizes with the struggle of meeting, trusting, and dating genuine people but believes there is someone for everyone and wants to help you find your match. Naturally an old soul, her soul grew wiser after several heartbreaks but is now in the most fulfilling relationship of her life by keeping herself open and sensitive. She is perceptive, respectful, and excited to get to know you and curate fun, stimulating dates that fit your unique taste.
Vara Pikor is energized by the pursuit of love. Whether she's strolling the High Line or engaging in conversation at a networking dinner, she is on a quest to find compatibility. Vara is recognized for her versatility, balancing her career in the corporate sector with her matchmaking. She has fostered strong connections through her years in the Big Apple, and she's driven to crack the code of the human heart. After all, true love is best shared!
Sarah Lee understands the unique demands of high-achieving, shot-calling rockstars like you. Born in Taipei, raised in Costa Rica and California, and educated at Harvard, Sarah is a global citizen and a seasoned world traveler. Her matchmaking expertise comes from years of counseling and coaching experience ... and an innately sharp intuition. Sarah launches and scales international education projects in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South America, Dubai, and the United States. But of her myriad endeavors, she considers finding you a great match her greatest yet.
Nneya Richards is a Jane-of-All-Trades. With a background in fashion and travel and being a multi-passport-holding global citizen, Nneya currently runs Double N Rich Creative Consulting agency. Her passion for cultural explorations led Nneya to launch the blog "'N A Perfect World," a curated intersection of travel, food, fashion, and geopolitics inspired by the global citizen lifestyle of the millennial. An avid lover of love, Nneya believes romance can be found from coffee on a stoop in Brooklyn to martinis in a jazz bar in Paris. She is a strong believer in the dating experience and looks forward to sharing her own personal joie de vivre with you.
Corinne Dobbas is a coach, writer, yogi, and the best friend you never knew you had. Most importantly, she cares about you: your journey, your process. your desires, your insights, your fears - and heck - even your insecurities. She's here to get you up and out of your shell and dating with an open mind — the only time you can ever find real true love. She has an innate ability to see through you and delve deep to help you discover what it is you're truly looking for in your ever after. She's empathetic and compassionate but will deliver you the real-deal truth. Your romantic journey will be transformed from the inside-out.
Amy De Souza discovers the characters in people. As a casting director for over fifteen years, she has perfected the art of screening and matching people. Her greatest role: being a connector for different types of people professionally, socially, and romantically. Amy is outgoing, inquisitive, a good listener, and excellent at getting down to the heart of things. Consider Amy a valuable asset to the production that is your love life.
Kristina Cappuccilli can't seem to fall out of love with the idea of love. When you couple her incessant thirst for travel, her tendency to befriend strangers wherever she goes, and her mantra that each day is a new adventure to embark on, it should come as no surprise that her priority, quite simply, is you. As a born and bred New Yorker, Kristina has spent most of her career interacting and communicating with people. People inspire her through their backgrounds and experiences, their trials and triumphs, the realization that everyone, everywhere, has a story. She considers it a blessing to learn something new, something inspiring. And that's what she wants her career to do — give people a reason to wake up every day and be inspired.
Lucia Melano is a down-to-earth, natural matchmaker. A Bay Area native who loves all that Northern California has to offer, Lucia is a UC Berkeley alumna currently working towards a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Before joining Tawkify, she was instrumental in helping many of her friends find great matches, including one recent marriage! Using her extensive background in counseling psychology and her strong understanding of healthy relationships, she will help attune you to your needs and successfully guide you toward finding a special someone. Lucia's vibrant and colorful personality is sure to make your Tawkify experience fun and exciting!
Kristen Grund believes in the magic of making connections and finding love. She has made it her mission to assist you in finding that special someone, one date at a time. As a U.S. Navy Veteran and Independent Film Actress, she is a natural with problem solving and a world-class facilitator of beautiful moments. Kristen's motto: "Let me take the stress away, so the BEST you can play!" Her enthusiastic and quick-witted persona will keep your nerves at ease, while enabling this journey to be a fun-filled experience. With a keen sense of people and extreme passion for helping others, let Kristen take the helm and carefully navigate your heart to true happiness!

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