Tawkify was created by E. Jean and Kenneth to get Kenneth a girlfriend. It worked.
Meet the Co-Founders

E. Jean Carroll writes the Ask E. Jean (link) column in Elle magazine. Incredibly it's the longest, currently-running advice column in American publishing. She has six million readers. E. Jean was a writer for Saturday Night Live, a contributing editor to Esquire, Outside, and Playboy. Her TV show on MSNBC was called—what else?—Ask E. Jean. She founded, with her sister, Cande Carroll, the breakthrough dating site, GreatBoyfriends.com (where women recommend their ex-boyfriends to each other) and which has been profiled in The New York Times, Newsweek, Men's Health, etc., and seen on The Today Show, Oprah, CNN, etc.

After two glasses of wine, E. Jean estimates that what with her experience, book, Mr. Right, Right Now, coaching site, Dating: E. Jean (link), and YouTube (link) Channel, she has helped more people find enticing mates than any advice columnist in history.

Kenneth Shaw was most recently the principal imagineer at One Kings Lane. He began his career at Microsoft, and moved on to become the bashful firebrand who created My Purity Test, one of the most popular Facebook apps of all time. He also created the Elle magazine Facebook App and Homeslyce.com. He graduated from Stanford in '07—he's a geek, a black belt in Hapkido, and possesses such a sunny disposition he makes a basket of puppies look depressed.

Our Matchmakers are Passionate
Meet the Matchmakers
Julia Armet was born with the art of intuition and a photographic memory. She has the sixth sense for matters of the human heart. A passionate and creative individual, she has a reputation for thinking outside of the box—a perfectionism that serves her (and her clients) well in many realms. One could compare this personalized approach to a Zen master on a quest for ideal balance: She doesn't stop until she gets it right. Opening the line of communication between you and your partner-to-be, she is committed to empowering others and finds ultimate satisfaction in fostering authentic relationships. You write the script, she clarifies the fine print. #JustJuled
Eve Marie Blazo will give you an Affair to Remember. Whether you're Sleepless in Soho or singing "Ain't no Sunshine" down the streets of Cobble Hill, Eve believes your love life should be no less than the rom-com of your dreams. As an Ivy-educated film studies graduate and survivor of fashion's school of hard knocks, Eve thinks of herself as a stylist of the psyche. She approaches matchmaking like a cinematic art. She will ghostwrite you an old school (albeit unorthodox) romance fit for modern times. So with passion, empathy, and imagination in abundance, Eve is on a mission to help your souls mate. She encourages you to be a feeler and to have an open heart--you never know who can make you feel that zsa zsa zsu!
Cynthia Rouf transforms stressful dating lives into lighthearted, fulfilling escapes that empower you to find stronger matches faster. With brainpower previously used for legal analysis, genetics research, and tech startup business development, this dating whiz is eager to collect your data points so she can test, scale, and optimize your love life. She pushes you to fail fast so you can love hard—and have a ball throughout the process.

Tess Lasbrey stumbled upon matchmaking, which ended up being the ultimate culmination of everything she has learned to do in life. From playing nice recess at Chapin to office hours at Cornell to troubleshooting as marketing director and later business strategy consulting, helping others unearth difficult truths and surpass goals as a life coach, this is was what she was trained—born—to do. As your matchmaker, she is your champion—disrupting, encouraging, uncovering, comforting you toward a dream that, until now, seemed completely unattainable. All you have to do is tell the truth, take the truth, dream big and trust her and the process. Good luck!
Alene Boon wants to get you slayed. She wants to thrust her microscope-eyes into the wonderful mush of your mammalian brain, to sit in there with you, get a sense of the space, and then to go out and hunt for people who might complement your brain-room nicely. A biologist by training, Boon has never met a human she didn’t want to dissect. Be warned – she cannot STAND much of what she sees going on in this stupid human love dance, and she WILL call that trash out. There’s simply no time in this life to be anything but our own freakshow selves. Though Boon’s sensibilities tend toward the dark, she really just wants to get you all the giggles your lungs can handle. Boon is LOL-dependent, sex-positive, queer-friendly, and basic-intolerant.
Misty Dawn wants to help you transcend what dating usually is and give you the cosmic experience it should be. You can be a cosmonaut alone, but exploration is so much better with someone navigating on ground control. With a background in creative arts and tour guiding, Misty has an empathetic nature, a knack for creative strategics and an itch for adventure. She will whisk you away on a personalized, magical experience all the while being a stand for the highest version of "you" she knows you are. She understands that authenticity, a willingness to have it turn out and passion are the keys to any success in life. Misty wants to help you find a love even the stars would bow to.
Carrie Parker serves as the catalyst in your romantic equation, bolstering your success at achieving chemistry. Very early on she proved that she was born to make matches, as she has never lost a game of memory or a sock. Armed with a background in Social Psychology, an inexhaustible positive attitude, and jaw-dropping good looks, Carrie navigates the vast sea of singles with precision and a smile. Carrie caters to each client as an individual, appreciating the quirks and nuances that set you apart from the pack. She is as invested in your happiness as you are, and is eager to launch your dating adventure! Learn more about Carrie in her TEDx talk and Richmond Magazine.
Angie Lee realized her passion for shooting cupid arrows after founding her own startup, Polkadotties, getting acquired, and shooting for the stars. She finds it fascinating to analyze all the things on a date that might not work to increase the chances of everything going right, just like how an entrepreneur approaches startups in an iterative fashion. She likes designing dates, where the dates simply have to show up, turn on the charm, and exchange doughy eyed looks at one another. Some say like-minded people go together. Some say opposites attract. She believes good souls attract other good souls. Navigating the world of choosing partners and changing partners can be both confusing and thrilling. Think of her as your own personal GPS for love. She helps you follow your heart.
Katherine Cooper is a lifelong learner, writer and lover. She's always been fascinated by matters of the heart. After noticing that she fell in love quite easily with many different pastimes and people she began to think that it might be time to spread the love around. She joined Tawkify in 2013. Katherine is a no-BS New Englander, Brown and New York University alum, a great listener and has enough curiosity to get into some serious trouble every now and then. Most importantly Katherine wants to get to know you--what makes you tick, what you most desire, what makes your heart sing. Specialties: Intellectuals, artists, narcissists.
Catherine Rose is all heart and soul. She hails from the Deep South, but has lived overseas and now splits her time between DC and New York. Equal parts activist and feminist debutante, she combines empathy and Southern social grace with a deeply romantic sensibility. She spent several years in the wedding industry and is now dedicated to curating the beginning of your love story. She believes that everyone deserves love and will search tirelessly to help you find it. With a keen eye for the unconventional and a network that spans internationally, Catherine will lobby for love and find your perfect running mate.
Nia Povroznik is a Ukrainian born, American raised adventurous mover and shaker. As a Jill of all trades she gets to know people from all sorts of walks of life. With a love and interest in all aspects of how people fit together she works as a sexuality educator. Through being a sexuality and relationship anthropologist she has a deep understanding of the vast variation in preferences for love, romance, and mates. Nia is great at scoping out that magical fit between two sweethearts.
Evyenia Trembois wants to bring magic, romance, and FUN back into your dating life. Through highly intuitive thought processing and a deep stem of creativity, she seeks to blow your mind by finding you a match that will appeal to you at every single level—and will stop at nothing in order to do so. When it comes to achieving greatness, she believes in stepping both outside of the box and outside of your own comfort zone and will push you to do so throughout the process—but in the most rewarding and exciting ways. Bam. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other.
Greg Finch would love to help you find a snuggling partner to bingewatch critically-acclaimed dramas with. He's a born & bred native New Yorker, but won't hold that against you, who places a priority on a mixture of empathy and honesty with an academic touch. This serial monogamist has been repeatedly told he's 'the most patient person in the world', and that just listening to his voice has an involuntarily calming effect. His dating philosophy is that articulating what you want is the first step towards finding it, and that strategic dating is a numbers game of finding the right compatibilities to foster that long-lasting connection. You'll know you're one of his favorite clients when he starts passing along some choice standup comedy and song lyrics. With a background in academia, dialogue facilitation and video writing/production, he wants nothing more than for your future relationship to be the next project he manages to success.
Alexis Field believes life is too short to be shy... that's her personal mantra that will be sure to change your love life. Alexis was born in Los Angeles, but has lived everywhere including Boca Raton, St. Louis, and even Thailand! In other words, this gal has gotten around (not to mention all the touring she's done as a professional actress) and she's going to bring everything she's picked up along the way to help YOU find that someone special (or at least have a lot of fun in the meantime). Alexis is currently starring in the hit off-Broadway show 50 Shades the Musical, so if it's a little spice you're looking for, she'll be sure to deliver on that as well. Most importantly, Alexis is a people person. She has an intuitive edge to be reckoned with and knows how to get right down to what makes people tick. She's committed to making the world a happier place and she is thrilled to be using Tawkify as a way to do just that! Happy Dating!
Christina Han is eager to make you her object of study. She thinks you're fascinating, full stop, simply by virtue of being an individual outside herself. Her mission is to learn you as thoroughly as possible and find your complement. She believes that a happy individual's reality is constructed by and grounded in their relationships with others, and so finds comfort in forging those connections. Why, at opposite ends, wait on false kismet or struggle needlessly to find friendship and love? Finding your match shouldn't feel like an exercise in drudgery, and by the photoshop in her picture she swears to do all in her power to ensure it won't. It's her honor to be your assistant, confidant, and friend.
Carena Liptak believes in finding love and having fun along the way. An Ivy League-educated writer and lifelong music fanatic, she will zero in on what makes you tick--then find somebody who complements your style. Her philosophy is that your quirks are your best assets. Carena will help you embrace your freak flag and seek out somebody who will love it just as much as you do! She's a big fan of dogs, espresso, and any first date that requires a helmet.
Elle Yeung, a southern belle at heart, ventured off to school in London where she was trained as a lawyer. During her time abroad, she realized the importance of understanding how people interact with one another. After all, great comedy and whole-hearted fun begins with truthful observation. With that in mind, her dating philosophy is simple: everyone deserves to have fun. In ensuring that her philosophy comes to fruition, she will listen, empathize, and listen some more until she understands what her client's sphere of compatibility is. The determination is innate, as Elle has two goals in mind. To find everyone happiness, and to make our world a better place.
Michelle Senteio is an ocean. And she'll rock your boat with her ability to read you so deep you'll want to call her Miss Mariana Trench (but don't...). She wants you to FEEL romance - from love's first sight, a sweet and agonizing bath of hot ice, to love that grows, like roots from your heart to your toes. An Ivy-educated creative writer and filmmaker, Michelle is going to write your romance into the adventurous bard it should be: wrought with uncertainty, kinship, trust, love, and most of all LIFE. She looks forward to finding you that special someone that'll light your soul on fire / that wants to get to know you / of whom you'll never tire. If Michelle were a matchmaker in another universe, she would reign down love in the world of Game of Thrones.
Nicole Lockhart is a mastermind of creative mischief. Her approach to dating is about the head as well as the heart, ensuring that clients find a companion with that crucial balance of intellect, emotional fortitude, and physical rightness. In shorter terms? Nicole's romantic hunch is always right. With a last name like Lockhart, matchmaking is a natural fit for this modern day Mona Lisa. Nicole is an old soul with a magnetic smile that will find your match and inspire you through this thing called "dating". She also believes dessert should be eaten everyday.
Jordana Golub knows that love is a battlefield. She wants to defend and fight in your honor and leave both parties waving a flag of found love. She has always had an impressive yet almost scary intuition about all things intimate. She is your go-to therapist without the degree, being able to pinpoint exactly where your frustrations and fears lie. She won't tell you everything you want to hear, nor anything you don't; she'll tell you what you NEED and will be your rock. She is a free-spirited, honest and to-the-point girl. Her ability to see optimism in every situation and seek balance when it's hard to find, is the key to her matchmaking success. Through her experience as a Creative Recruiter, casting associate and event planner, she's got the skill set to find your match. She's real, no BS and lives to prove people wrong. When you say "can't" or "won't", she'll make it happen. Dare her.
Genna Selesnick appreciates authenticity and originality. She grew up in the real-life version of "Meet the Fockers," with a sex-therapist Grandmother and a obstetrician Grandfather. While dinner conversations were often not traditional, she was inspired to think about relationship dynamics from an age where most children were only discussing Sesame Street. Ivy-educated and trained as a lawyer, she is a master at getting to the bottom of any case and analyzing what makes people tick. Hailing from Miami, the sexiest city in the world, she easily identifies the spice and flare within all, and aims to channel that into finding your partner. She believes that EVERYONE has a little salsa in them, even if they don't quite know it yet; it's just a matter of finding the right song, and the right partner, to bring out the dance moves.
Rebecca Chang sports higher-than-average levels of optimism. Whether you're a nuclear scientist, homebody acrobat, or polyamorous financier, she's eager to dive into what makes you tick, and curate your quest for a partner in crime. Educated at Yale and Harvard Law School, Rebecca understands clients who need to navigate the dual demands of the dating process and professional pressure cookers. Rebecca is currently at work on a novel about the technological singularity, and has weaknesses for bad electronica, horn-rimmed glasses and slobbering canines.
Erica Morgan has been a great connector of friends, family, strangers for as long as she can remember. Friends and family describe her as perceptive, hilarious, loyal... a wise owl. Erica has always sought after the deeper meanings in life, to the roots of what makes people happy. In addition to being a matchmaker at Tawkify, she resides in the East Village, loves meeting new people, going to concerts, eating cheeseburgers, traveling, being spontaneous, and spending time with her family. And just a fun fact: when Erica went skydiving, she fainted before the parachute went up!
Sophia Sparks believes that life is too short to be bored. Having lived throughout Europe and Asia, she's committed to going the distance for adventure, friendship, and love. Naturally intuitive, she realized her gift for connecting people from a young age. Sophia uses her sense of creativity and honesty to guide you on your own exciting journey towards happiness. When she isn't perusing her network for the next match, you can find her skiing, hiking or at the beach with her beloved dog.
Kara Kerek has a background in teaching and coaching in the health and wellness industry of NYC. She is a born guide to helping others achieve their optimal selves. The ultimate destination: a happy relationship! Being an empath, Kara feels above all other senses. Her heightened sensitivity allows her to assess who the best match is for you... even when much is left unspoken. Don't be surprised if she starts using all her creative tools. Astrology, numbers, energy and more! She is focused on feeling out the vibe of any situation--- using technology to her full advantage to delve deep with her clients and go the distance.
Mason Webb believes that romance is your right! Calling himself The Bay Area Romance Artist, Mason prides himself on breaking through any barriers that his clients have that stand between them and their deepest romantic desires. By implementing the law of attraction as a tool to accelerate this process, Mason shakes the universe up, and realigns the stars so that they're shooting straight from the heart. Don't wait for romance to find you, you need to find it and let Mason be your guide.
Meredith Davis is proud to be known as the 'relationship guru' amongst her friends and family. With a background in psychology and human sexuality, she has spent four plus years conducting sex and relationship research. Having worked as a sex educator at a pleasure product company, she firmly believes that anyone can find happiness and pleasure if you look in the right places. Ultimately, her goal is to find you that one person that makes you feel just as sexy in sweatpants as you do in black tie apparel. Knowing just how important it is to have intimacy in the bedroom and beyond--she is not a bad person to have on your side as you maneuver through the daunting dating world. Let Meredith be your personal LoveMD.
Ana Cecilia Alvarez wants you to get what you want. A writer by practice and Gemini by birth, she is as articulate as she is restless, always cunningly scouring for that perfect match. An Ivy-grad, she has devoted a lot of time to studying Frida Kahlo's paintings, Mariah Carey's music videos, and Elena Ferrante's novels, and - perhaps as a result - is metaphysical in the most basic sense of the word, with strongly developed psychic abilities, and an interest in the extra-sensory. She wants your new dating life to be fun, rigorous, safe, and sexy, putting extra care and attention into how you communicate your desires, always aiming to forge a pleasure-oriented intimacy with and for you. An insatiable listener, Ana will never tire of asking, "Why?" If you're looking to let her become your dating docent, all you need to ask is, "Why not?"
Emily Samit believes everyone is entitled to true love and wants to make it her business that you have a good time finding it! She is dedicated to your happiness, listens to your needs, and will not stop until she finds you the romance you've been dreaming of. Her ability to match is rooted in her ability to emphatically observe without judgement. As a book definition Pisces, Emily's sensitive, creative, and intuitive nature blends perfectly with her genuine love, understanding, and regard for others. Her main goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while still pushing you out of your comfort zones. She'll do so in such a way that you'll ultimately walk away with a new feeling of confidence and empowerment, a new sense of self, and a new lease on life!
Eva Marie is in love with love. And with interests in athletics, tech, the performing arts and the great outdoors, she is a part of many different communities. Ever since attending a 2006 lecture called "The Importance of Play" at the National Institute for Play, her social and professional goals have involved connecting those around her with opportunities for love, happiness, or just a good time. As your matchmaker, Eva Marie will dig deep to find your truest you -- so she can find your best match.
Ellora Vilkin wants you to feel more. Finely attuned to the hidden forces that shape human desire --- from cosmic influence to personality archetypes --- she aches to understand what moves you, then connect you with someone who makes you quake. Raised amidst evergreens in the Pacific Northwest, educated at Brown University, and based in San Francisco, Ellora encourages her clients to make dating synonymous with taking smart, playful risks. She'll hold your hand and nudge you towards love, drawing on her background as a classically trained soprano and certified yoga instructor to help you stay open and cultivate confidence while always prioritizing self-care. Ellora wants each date to feel positively lush, a vibrant opportunity to delight and surprise yourself with another. Part-cheerleader, part-changemaker, and part-guru, she'll help you set an intention to make dating part of your personal renaissance.