Charlee Ziegler is a life coach. Charlee started as a go-between at the age of six, when at sleepovers, whenever there was trouble, she created reconciliations by getting the kids to talk it out together in the bathroom while she mediated.

Split between a very conventional upbringing in suburban Arizona with her dad and a bohemian lifestyle in New York City with her actress mother, Charlee straddled two worlds and longed for unification. Often, when relatives had trouble in love, she intervened.

Between stints at Bennington College (E. Jean wrote her recommendation—Ed) Mills College, NYU, and St. John's College, Charlee traveled and had many adventures.

Once when she was trying to find the bathroom in a Parisian bar, a man stopped her and said in a thick accent, "You have what we call an overture of emotion," and then stoically walked away. Stunned by this announcement, and not really sure what it meant, she felt it had something to do with her destiny in life.

She's still not sure what it's all sussed up to be, but she's always believed that true love was possible between people and that the life of the heart used the love of another to express it's entire reason for being. The cosmic dimensions of relationship and the eternal struggle for love and, at times, crowning achievement of claiming it, for almost every individual in an entire planet of people enchants, baffles, and inspires her.

Married with a five-year-old daughter, Charlee investigates every aspect and dimension of love, marriage, and family and finds it to be a mysterious, beautiful, and epic saga.

Radio Talk Show Interview
"Because dating is the last thing you should have to do alone"
Charlee's Tips For Tawkifiers

1. How to make Charlee's Tawkify Cocktail:

1 cup red wine
1/4 cup vodka
2 tbsp. sugar
1 whole vanilla bean stalk
1 whole cinnamon bean stalk

2. Twenty minutes before you're due to pick up the phone, make the cocktail.

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