What People Are Saying
We always care about our clients. We've collected a few stories to share!
"My date and I connected on many levels: We meditate, we travel the world. I felt like I knew him forever, and we were just friends meeting for dinner."
- Paula
"My match was smart, as well as interesting and fun to talk to. I felt like we quickly fell into a balanced conversation and were never struggling to find common ground. No surprise she is successful given how driven and engaging she is."
- Scott
"This is a great service. It fills a real need and is far better than standard online dating. I would strongly recommend it to everyone."
- Priya
"Liana is a wonderful and dedicated matchmaker. She really cares about her clients and wants the best for them. She offers great advice in the dating process as well!"
- Keith
"Olivia has incredible energy and passion! It's clear she truly has my best interests in mind and is really dedicated to getting me on a date that will turn into a second date! I appreciate her encouragement and thoughtfulness."
- Sarah

Julia knocked it out of the park with this one. And it's only my first date!!! As you probably know, I was a bit hesitant to continue my membership after signing up drunkenly one night. But I can honestly say after date #1 and debriefing with Julia, I have zero regrets. I can't wait to keep doing this.

Kate, 36

I'm happy to report that Mark and I are still going strong. We just got back from a 2-week Cali vacation and... wait for it... he's officially moved in. It's crazy how fast things are progressing, but we're both happy and going with the flow. It'll be 4 months tomorrow since our Tawkify date, though it feels way longer than that—in a good way!

Marie, 34

My matchmaker, Evyenia Trembois, did a very thorough job finding a date for me who matched my personality. She took into account my interests and what I was looking for in a partner, and was able to match me with someone who I had instant chemistry with. The whole idea of a blind date was quite terrifying at first, but my matchmaker made sure to pick a comfortable setting for both of us to meet, and planned a very fun and exciting evening.

Rebecca, 32

Having a matchmaker is like having a friend working between you. The match actually works really well. It's like being set up by a mutual friend and you tend to trust having friends set you up.

Mike, 35

I just wanted to say that Matt and I are having a great time getting to know each other and are spending quite a bit of time together and it has been really fun and wonderful. I can't believe I am dating the first person that I was matched with! He wants me to meet his parents this weekend! Honestly, that is pretty fast but it is so cute that he wants me to meet them and I am excited to do so.

Jessica, 28

Dave and I are still dating and very happy together!!! We have had a great 5 months and I think both of us are looking forward to a lot of fun adventures in the future! He is a keeper and I am lucky to have him!!! We have even introduced one another to our respective families... Eeeekk!

Stacy, 31

From our initial interactions, it has been evident that my matchmaker is exceptionally skilled at what she does! She is very personable, warm, and was very attentive to my interests/dislikes, which resulted in an incredible first date with a great guy (hopefully the first of many)! I cannot thank her enough for connecting us!

Sally, 27

We would talk about my dates and my experience. It made me realize I had met someone special. I had a very magical experience.

Cindy, 34

Cynthia is easy to reach, and tries to listen to my needs. She is also easy to talk to. I also love how she works with me around my busy schedule and talks to me on the phone about this process and my needs at random hours!

Sam, 32

My matchmaker was extremely thorough during the entire process. She listened to what I was looking for, and more importantly what I wasn't looking for. Between interviewing my friends and being responsive to any questions, she made this experience flawless. And I see potential in both guys I had dates with. Thank you!!!

Kat, 42

Good job with finding me a great match that I connect with intellectually. Now we need to try for a better connection with emotions and the physical.

Matt, 28

Match me.

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